Resolute Resolutions

More hope than intention, New Year’s resolutions usually stumble and fall by the wayside long before the spring thaw. Ice cream sneaks back into your freezer, the treadmill that was practically a steal on Black Friday becomes a high-tech hanger, and that French class you swore you were going to sign up for? Yeah, didn’t happen.

Some people are more resolute than others. They take that January 1 idea and run with it—right into the freezing waters of the Bay of Fundy.

Kathryne Maguire/Facebook

Meet Kathryn Maguire, her sister, Susan Ingraham, and her niece, Tanya Horgan.

Kathryn Maguire/Facebook

These intrepid New Brunswick women took their first polar dip at Bayshore Beach on New Year’s Day 2021—and kept right on dipping.

Once a month, every month, they pack their swimsuits and take a road trip. Throughout the last year, they’ve dipped into the frigid waters at beaches around the Bay of Fundy. A bonding experience, a tradition they’re happy to continue into 2022.

Kathryn Maguire/Facebook

The family that freezes together—stays together.

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