Quebec Gets Serious

Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

Premier François Legault intends to hit the non-vaxxers where it hurts—in their wallet.

This past week, the Premier announced plans for instituting a ‘health contribution’. A new tax to be levied against anyone who refuses to be vaccinated.

A risky move? Yes.

Would this proposed tax violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Infringe on the right to life, liberty, and security of the individual? Probably.

Are voices raised in protest? Of course.

Will the new tax get people to roll up their sleeves? The day of the announcement, 7,000 Quebecers registered for their first dose.

Carrot and Stick?

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P.S. Quebec has since backed off implementing the vaccine tax, saying they did not want to created divisions among Quebecers.

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6 thoughts on “Quebec Gets Serious

    1. Austria, Greece, and Singapore have all imposed some kind of vaccine fine. In Quebec’s case, we’ll see if this is just a threat of if they actually go through with it.
      Yeah, this idea wouldn’t go over too well in the States 🙂


  1. This announcement came right after a discussion I’d had with my daughter.We were discussing the ethical implications of denying healthcare to anti-vaxxers, in the same way that organ transplants are denied to patients following an unhealthy lifestyle. A tax is not as drastic an action but certainly an easier decision. As you say, maybe the threat is just as effective.

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