Blood Moon

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Done! Done! and Done!

From a spark of an idea to accomplished fact. The Blood Bond Trilogy—Completed.


Proof that I didn’t spend all of Covid eating Oreos and binging on Netflix, the last book in my vampire series is now on Amazon—Blood Moon.

A vampire and a human walk into wine bar,

and walk out…


Forever and Always.

Did I mention that I’m never writing a book again? EVER.

Aimer at Amazon

14 thoughts on “Blood Moon

    1. Thanks. It only took me forever. I’m in awe of authors who crank 3 books out in a year! I’m just an amateur though, so I’m happy.

      FYI: Trent’s going to change his mind about “big and built.” 🙂


    1. Have to say, I’m pretty stoked about finally getting this last book done. There were plenty of days when I thought I wouldn’t, but 500 words at a time gets you there. Hell, 10 words at a time will work 🙂

      BTW: Your 500 words are full of personality, a pleasure to read :0

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