Don’t Say Gay

In response to the ridiculousness that is the Florida attitude to homosexuality and their bogus claims that the LGBTQ community is “recruiting” or “grooming” straight kids…

One tweet.

From the man who will forever be Mr. Sulu to me,

George Takei.

Aimer at Amazon

12 thoughts on “Don’t Say Gay

  1. The perfect response. Florida lawmakers were challenged to ban discussion of all sexuality for young children, but they insisted on just focusing on LGBT people. And, that Florida law ignores the fact that there are hetero pedophiles.

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  2. This hate is spreading faster than Covid ever did, and no mask or vaccine will slow it down. Even in my state of NJ where we recently had legislation passed requiring an inclusive curriculum in all grades to include LGBTQ recognition and accomplishments (nope, no sex positions, unlike the way people are making it sound), we are not immune. Parents are starting to push back based on the lies and the false fear. It is like we are back in the sixties and seveties but without the great music. And the other side won’t listen. They keep going back to “Kids are too young to learn about sex.” Well, duh. They don’t understand that a book where two male penguins get married is just as innocent as a book where a princess marries her prince (even more innocent, in some cases). They are blinded by their hate and ignorance. It is so sad and scary how far back they are trying to take us.

    Ugh. Yes, the tweet is perfect. I shared it when I saw it because it is perfect. Sadly, it will fall on deaf ears.


  3. Somehow the US is not big on progressing lately. It’s 2022, there is so much going on in the world. Don’t people have real problems? Next, they’ll change the abortion laws. No, wait …

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