Too Far

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I’d like to blame it on Covid-19, on two and a half years of restrictions and lockdowns, but maybe I’m just getting old.

There was a time when the six hour drive from Toronto to Montreal was no big deal, when a four and a half hour drive to Ottawa to pick up a jumpsuit at Hudson’s Bay seemed reasonable, and a five hour round trip to see Dracula in Stratford—seven times—made perfect sense.

That time is long gone.

Since March of 2020, my car has barely been out of the garage. Between Amazon, Instacart, and Uber Eats I never have to leave the house—and I don’t.

Now, that restrictions are a thing of the past and shops, restaurants, and theatres are open again. Now, that there are people and places to visit, and drives to take—it’s too late.

There’s a new phrase in my life these days, one I’d never thought I’d say…

It’s too far.

How did this happen? When did I start worrying about things like traffic and walking to my car after dark?

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When did I become my parents?

I blame Covid-19 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Too Far

  1. Because of COVID, we had to find new ways of living. The default became staying home, because we had to. As the case numbers begin to rise again here, the mask’s back on and home becomes the safest place again. This is not the retirement I anticipated.

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  2. … on the other hand, with gas prices over $2 a liter – NOT driving five hours to shop is a good thing.

    Covid & aging aside, the law of inertia applies. Objects prefer to stay in a constant state. So if I’m planted at home and everything gets delivered to me, I will surely stay planted 😉

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  3. I’ve driven some 4500 miles since November. It feels sinful from a carbon footprint POV and it has been anything but cheap. I will be slowing down for a while and seeking longer stays in cheaper parks and work my way back to TX to vote. But miles feel like nothing now when in my youth, the 230 miles between Dallas & Houston felt interminable. I expected ti be tired more. I will say, I don’t like mountain driving. Makes me anxious. But long interstates and a good audible…

    If I just felt like I was actually getting somewhere. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. I’m not good on hills, never mind mountains. I like to see what’s coming at me 🙂
      If it helps any, as far as getting anywhere goes, your posts have given me a lot to think about.
      Happy trails…roads, and parks 🙂

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  4. I can relate. Covid changed our comfort zone and habits, and the ways of the past aren’t likely to return. Plus, for those in the US, life is a lot scarier these days as the nation (and world) seems to have lost its mind. Your last line did crack me up though. I’ve also started changing into my parents. 🙂

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  5. We went to the movies and it was packed to the last seat, hardly any masks. I felt so uncomfortable. It was nice to desocialize for a while. There are probably places worth going in a 10 km radius for you 😉

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    1. I’d be uncomfortable in a packed theatre too. I still wear a mask inside, even though most people don’t. Yes, with the price of gas these days, it’s worth looking closer to home 🙂


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