Uninvited Guests

I wasn’t expecting guests.

But I found this little guy peeking out from under the patio furniture…

Checking out the accommodations for his brothers and sisters.

It’s not that all five of them weren’t welcome, but their mom wasn’t any too pleased that they’d come visiting.

Our young guests rambled about a bit…

And decided not to stay.

I’m thinking they were insulted that we removed the cushions from the furniture.

We’re terrible hosts.

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14 thoughts on “Uninvited Guests

  1. When I was a kid, we had some indoor/outdoor cats. There would be bowls of cat food on the porch. the raccoons would eat the cat food. They were enormous.

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  2. Very cute. When we first bought our house 30 years ago, our backyard was visited by a family of racoons. Mother, father & baby. Every year they came back and over the years the family size increased. I think in my last sighting there were five babies like yours.

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    1. They were adorable, but I hope they’re gone for good. I don’t want them peaking over my shoulder when head out to the backyard with a book and latte πŸ™‚


      1. Funny you should say that. My cat likes to look out the patio door and one night, she started to go beserk. A racoon had his face up against the glass peering into the room. Even as I rapped on the glass, he kept looking in. Cheeky!

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  3. Even though I loved the children’s classic book, The Kissing Hand about a raccoon’s first day of school, and even though I think they are super cute, I am very leary of raccoons. One grabbed my little dog in her paws, and to free my dog, I had no weapon but my leg. So I used it, and the raccoon let go of my dog and bit me. We had a bit of a standoff before she left. Puppy Girl ran screaming into the bedroom to tell her dad about her frightening episode. I went to the hospital to get the first of a series of four rabies shots over a two-week period. My friend Terri Webster Schrandt, who was visiting that night in our guest house, heard me scream and thought there was a wolf outside. She went back to sleep. So I wouldn’t make friends with them.

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