They’re Back!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all those who are both, neither, or undecided. Everyone, the show you’ve been waiting for. Back on the small screen for the first time in seventeen years.

The Boys from Babylon.

Okay, fine, it’s not exactly them. Neither Stuart Alan Jones or Brian Kinney will be strolling into your living room.

Queer As Folk has a new cast this time around, new characters, and a new location.

Goodbye, Manchester and Pittsburgh. Hello, New Orleans.

Will the new version carry the torch or tarnish the legend?

Let’s find out. 

Showcase June 26, 9 p.m. (In Canada)

Queer As Folk

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4 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. I had mixed feelings about the American version of QAF. On the one hand, I watched every episode. Mostly because it was the only LBGT program on TV, and it went where other shows had never dared. However, I never really identified with any of the characters. Their lives involved so much alcohol and drugs, big glitzy bars and freewheeling sex hookups. Nothing like my life at all.


    1. True, QAF showcases a subset of the community, but isn’t that usually the case with TV shows? My single life was never anything like the lives of the women in Sex & the City 🙂

      I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t become as addicted to this new version of QAF as I was to the first two. I’m just too damn old 🙂


    1. The original British QAF was EXCELLENT! I remember an article in the Toronto Star at the time. The headline read “The Best Show You’re Never Going to See.” But we got lucky, and Showcase carried the show in Canada.

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