The Umbrella Academy

I spent way too much time on my couch this week, blitzing through seasons two and three of the The Umbrella Academy.

A mix of science fiction and superhero genres, the Academy is a roller-coaster ride of action, sibling rivalry, and conflicting timelines. In a collage of decades, the show revisits the styles, social attitudes, and music of eras gone but not forgotten…

In addition to the loyal fan following, fierce reviews, and Emmy nominations, the Academy has earned a brass plaque, pat on the back, and shout out for the way it handled a personal life situation that impacted the show.

When Ellen Page

Transitioned to Elliot

The creative minds behind the Umbrella Academy got out their laptops and Voilá! Elliot’s character, Vanya Hargreeves, becomes Viktor Hargreeves. A few lines of sensitive writing, and the show moves on.

No big deal.

Because it’s not.

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7 thoughts on “The Umbrella Academy

    1. They did a great job with this footloose reincarnation, absolutely. The pure unexpectedness of the dance popping up in the middle of a plot conflict only added to my enjoyment of this bit of nostalgia 🙂


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