I mainline chocolate, smile at dogs I pass on the sidewalk, and start my days with a caramel latte. I always meant to learn how to dance, speak French, and fly an airplane. Didn’t happen. If anyone’s asking, all cars should be convertibles and groceries should buy themselves.

Aimer Boyz is my pen name. Two words that hint at who I am and what I write.

Aimer speaks to my French Canadian heritage. It means to love. Appropriate for an author who writes romance.

It’s no coincidence that Aimer sounds like Amy, a girl’s name β€” female writer, here. You wouldn’t think the gender of a stranger on the internet matters, but I’ve found that to some people it does.

Boyz is a small shout out to the genre I write. M/M romance. As in Male on Male, no connection to the rainbow coloured candies.

You can find me and my books on Amazon.

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  1. Many thanks for visiting my blog – wishing you only the best on your great site. I love anything to do with writing & books! πŸ™‚


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