The Umbrella Academy

I spent way too much time on my couch this week, blitzing through seasons two and three of the The Umbrella Academy.

A mix of science fiction and superhero genres, the Academy is a roller-coaster ride of action, sibling rivalry, and conflicting timelines. In a collage of decades, the show revisits the styles, social attitudes, and music of eras gone but not forgotten…

In addition to the loyal fan following, fierce reviews, and Emmy nominations, the Academy has earned a brass plaque, pat on the back, and shout out for the way it handled a personal life situation that impacted the show.

When Ellen Page

Transitioned to Elliot

The creative minds behind the Umbrella Academy got out their laptops and Voilá! Elliot’s character, Vanya Hargreeves, becomes Viktor Hargreeves. A few lines of sensitive writing, and the show moves on.

No big deal.

Because it’s not.

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Pride: 2022

This weekend is all about Pride, and after a Covid-19 imposed hiatus of two years, Toronto’s ready to celebrate.

Last weekend, Disney’s Lightyear opened worldwide…

Almost worldwide.

The animated movie was banned in Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and UAE.


Because of a same-sex kiss that lasts about as long as a blink.

Oh, the horror. That growing minds should be exposed to the idea that affection and love can exist between two people.

So, yes, let the Pride flags fly this weekend. Let the sun shine, the music blare, and people of every persuasion dance and hug and kiss in the streets.

Let Toronto shout out loud and proud for all people who can’t.

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They’re Back!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all those who are both, neither, or undecided. Everyone, the show you’ve been waiting for. Back on the small screen for the first time in seventeen years.

The Boys from Babylon.

Okay, fine, it’s not exactly them. Neither Stuart Alan Jones or Brian Kinney will be strolling into your living room.

Queer As Folk has a new cast this time around, new characters, and a new location.

Goodbye, Manchester and Pittsburgh. Hello, New Orleans.

Will the new version carry the torch or tarnish the legend?

Let’s find out. 

Showcase June 26, 9 p.m. (In Canada)

Queer As Folk

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Uninvited Guests

I wasn’t expecting guests.

But I found this little guy peeking out from under the patio furniture…

Checking out the accommodations for his brothers and sisters.

It’s not that all five of them weren’t welcome, but their mom wasn’t any too pleased that they’d come visiting.

Our young guests rambled about a bit…

And decided not to stay.

I’m thinking they were insulted that we removed the cushions from the furniture.

We’re terrible hosts.

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Hearts and Trees

Trees are like kids or dogs, I like them a lot better at someone else’s house.

Or in the park.

The winding paths of our local park are gorgeous in the autumn, crisp, colourful leaves underfoot. Actually, there isn’t a season when trees don’t look great.

I’m not anti-trees all together, just the ones in my back and front yards. Massive old pine trees that kill the grass beneath them and blanket the yard with pine needles that someone, me, has to rake.

Don’t tell anyone, but I tried to get rid of them.

Nope. The city frowns on tree murder.

I’m stuck with them.

Turns out that might be a good thing. There are a ton of studies claiming that trees are heart friendly. The more trees in your neighbourhood, the less likely you are to have a heart attack. Heart disease, strokes, anxiety, and depression all decrease in areas with trees and green spaces.

Guess I’ll get out the rake 🙂

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