What Do You See?

I see nature winning,
And man failing.

I see a world suffice unto itself.
Oceans and plants and crawling things
All of whom
Would be better off without us.

I see humanity,
That puffed-up peacock of the animal world,
Building monuments to nothing
But our own vanity.

I see blue skies and green trees
Towering mountains and vast seas
And humans too stupid to
Appreciate any of it.

I see nature winning,
And man failing.

20180806_071340 (2)
Defunct stone fountain, Guernsey.

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So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu.

To borrow from Elizabeth Barrett Browning,

How will I miss thee?
Let me count the ways …

None, zero, not at all.

I will not miss you
Wet, white, cold.

I will not long for your chill embrace.
I will not pine for your ice and sleet.

I will not miss you winter mine.
I will not miss you,
Not not one flake.

snow 2

Hello, Florida 🙂

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Happy Holidays

In the cold winter dark,
Lights strung on roofs,
Candles lit in windows.

Snowflakes and snowmen,
Smiles shared,
Stories told.

Presents and parties,
Family and friends,
And food, and food, and food.

And laughter.

And love.

Hanukkah 2

Since, of course, I’m nowhere near ready for the chaos that is about to descend on me this will be my last post until 2018.

Happy Holidays!

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If I had stopped to button my coat or buy a coffee

If I had skipped class that day

If I had gone to another library or another school

Would I have met you?


If you had not worn pants that hugged your hips

If you had not walked through the turnstile right in front of me

If you had not said,  “Hey.”

Would you be at my side now?


Would you be at my side still

When your hair has thinned and mine is grey?


Why you, why me, why us?


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A hand to hold against the emptiness?
A shoulder at my side?
A smile that says he knows me?
Laughter in the dark?

I want all of that, I do.

But now,
Now, I want the pounding.
Your hands on my hips,
Your body in mine.
I want the slam of us.

I want hard.


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He moved
His open jacket revealing and concealing
Grey suit pants over narrow hips
Black belt

He tugged
Fingers pulling at a silk knot
Grey tie slipping down a white shirt
Black belt

He folded
Rolling his shirt cuffs up
White bands framing strong arms
Black belt

He stood
A silver buckle on a strip of leather
The portal to pleasure
Black belt