When The World Stops

When the world stops, 
How do we go on? 
When everything changes, 
What remains? 

In the stillness of a halted city, 
Amid the bombardment of the news, 
Adrift in enforced solitude, 
What do we have? 

Cotton clouds and blue skies. 
Spring rustling through awakening trees. 
The chatter of returning birds. 
The smile of a loved one. 
The laughter of a child. 
Music to keep us company as we stare out the window at an empty street. 

We have what we've always had, 
Each other. 

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Ever There

A whisper at your shoulder,
A cloud in your smile.

A dark companion,
Silent at your side.

How do you unknow
What you know?

How do you not hear
The stealthy stalker at your back?

How do you laugh, sing, love
With this shadow on your mind?

How do you dance with death?


Little Fears Sunday Collaboration

Peter's House

A big thank you to Peter for coming up with this Sunday Collaboration idea and giving me the opportunity to get Spooky. Peter has moved on from WordPress, but you can check out some of his archived work here.


A bump in the night, 
It’s nothing, right?
Wind at the window,
Gusts at the door.
Shadows in the bedroom,
Were they there before?

An old farmhouse,
Creaking wood floors.
A musty bed,
In an unused room.
A storm, mad rain,
Go to sleep, again.

Crucifix on the wall,
Across from the bed.
A voice in the dark,
A whisper in his head.
Have you been saved?
The shadows said.

Thorns on his head,
Blood on his ribs.
The pale figure moved,
First hands, then feet.
Stepped off the cross,
Floated down from the wall.

Sheets on the floor,
Feet on the stairs.
Heart pounding,
Door slamming.
Rain on his face,
He shouted back at the house.

Thanks, but I can save myself!

Art work, video, you know, all the hard stuff, by Peter—the creative mind behind Little Fears.

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What Do You See?

Defunct stone fountain, Guernsey
I see nature winning,
And man failing. 

I see a world suffice unto itself.
Oceans and plants and crawling things
All of whom
Would be better off without us. 

I see humanity,
That puffed-up peacock of the animal world,
Building monuments to nothing
But its own vanity.  

I see blue skies and green trees
Towering mountains and vast seas
And humans too stupid to
Appreciate any of it. 

I see nature winning,
And man failing.    

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Photo by Keegan Houser on Pexels.com
If I had stopped to button my coat,
If I had skipped class that day?
f I had gone to another library, or another school,

Would I have met you?

If you hadn't worn those pants,
Walked in front of the table where I sat,
If you hadn't said, "Hey."

Would you be at my side now?

Would you be at my side still,
When your hair has thinned,
 and mine is grey?

Why you, why me, why us?

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