Perfection does that,
Stops you cold.
The eye sees beauty,
The mind picks it apart

An alignment of bones,
A covering of skin,
The commonality of the human body.

Wherein lies beauty?


What If?

If I was younger,
Would you see me?

If I was male,
Would you be interested?

If I was wealthy,
Would we be possible?

So young, so beautiful.
Clear eyes, smooth skin.
So young, so perfect.

If I could be everything I’m not
Would you love me?

Would I love you?

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He moved,
His open jacket revealing and concealing
Grey suit pants over narrow hips.
Black belt

He tugged,
Fingers pulling at a silk knot
Grey tie slipping down a white shirt.
Black belt

He folded,
Rolling his shirt cuffs up
White bands framing strong arms.
Black belt

He unfastened,
A silver buckle on a strip of leather
The portal to pleasure.
Black belt