It’s all about how it looks. Ask any photographer, fashion designer, or politician — optics count. If it looks good, it is good.

Proverbs like, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” or “Beauty is only skin deep.” warn us against the habit of equating the superficial with the beneficial.

And, of course, the eye does deceive.

Frankly, I’m counting on it.

Because this …

cake 3

Mysterious crater cake is what came out of the oven.

But this …

cake 1 (2)

Pretty sprinkled thing is what’s going on the dessert table.

Optical illusion?

I don’t know. How does it look?  🙂

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So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu.

To borrow from Elizabeth Barrett Browning,

How will I miss thee?
Let me count the ways …

None, zero, not at all.

I will not miss you
Wet, white, cold.

I will not long for your chill embrace.
I will not pine for your ice and sleet.

I will not miss you winter mine.
I will not miss you,
Not not one flake.

snow 2

Hello, Florida 🙂

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Can’t Blame Netflix

I have a wee, tiny bit of a problem with self-discipline.
I have an extraordinary talent for procrastination.

Anyway you say it, and FYI I’m going with door #2 here, I’m not as productive as I should be.

How does Nike put it? Just Do It! Great slogan, but… um… how?

I read a little nugget of wisdom that went, “If you want to reach your goals, get out of bed.” Woah. Perfect, right? Clear, simple, practical…excellent wake up call. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I set my alarm. The getting up, exercise, shower and dress part went pretty well. Somehow though, between the breakfast table and my laptop I ended up watching Netflix. — Fail.

I found a second pearl of wisdom that was particularly clever. “Stop watching TV.” Right, simple. No problem.

I moved my laptop upstairs to the guest bedroom, closed the door. Quiet, private, no TV, no distractions … uh, yeah, about that …

The bedroom has a window … and the sun was shining … and my phone was right there.

Distracted 2

And since I was snapping pictures anyway …

Distracted 5 (2)

Yeah. — Fail.

Easily distracted, there’s a cure for that, right?  🙂

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Land of Weird: Episode 2

No, I don’t want to know what new stupidity Donald has tweeted. No, thanks, you can fill me in on North Korea later. I just want to go home, pour some bubbles in the bath, and wish the world away for a while.

We’ve all been there, long day, bad day, too many people, too many of the wrong people saying all the wrong things. Home is our refuge, our sanctuary, our safe place — or not.

Last Sunday, a Kingston, Ontario woman got home at 6:15 PM to find a strange woman in her bathtub. A strange naked woman in her bathtub — no water, no towel. A strange naked woman who stayed in her tub until the police showed up.

This naked intruder story has nothing in common with the naked kidnapping story in Episode 1 … pardon? Well, yeah, the naked part.

Strange that or maybe not. We Canadians spend half the year bundled up. Maybe we need a little naked. You know, for summer days, and sleazy strip joints, and yes, the occasional crime.

What can I say? … Land of Weird 🙂


Did You Read it?

A plethora of books have crossed over onto the big screen, Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Perks of Being a Wallflower…  I’ve seen the movies, but have I read the books? No.

It’s not that I don’t read. It’s just that I don’t read the kind of stuff that makes it to film — usually.

Eons ago, back when I handed in term papers that were pounded out on a typewriter, I laughed my way through a book titled Oh, God written by Avery Corman. I thought it was brilliant. When the book became a movie I took it as a personal compliment. I So Smart 🙂

One book after the other, I devoured Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. There was no way I would have missed seeing Interview with the Vampire — with or without Tom Cruise.

During Pride Week a few years back, I found a book by André Aciman titled Call Me By Your Name. A powerfully personal story told with subtlety and skill, Call Me By Your Name is now a stunningly beautiful movie.

Did you read it? Yes. Yes, I did. 🙂

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Lucky in Vegas

Eyes on his laptop, Brian searched Air Canada’s website for flights to Vegas. “The Belagio is supposed to be nice.”

“Yeah?” David wasn’t really listening to the man sitting on the other side of their kitchen table. He opened the Expedia website on his own laptop, typed Las Ve — “Wait, what?”

“The Belagio, Eric and Daniel stayed there last month. They said,” Brian looked up from his screen. “It was —”

“You are so full of shit.”

“What? They said the Belagio was excellent. Nice rooms, great pool, sumptuous spa.”

Brian was a bad actor. He couldn’t do innocent, not without a lobotomy. That tick at the side of his mouth, the one that said he was holding back a smile, gave him away every time.

“Yeah? Nice. Sounds good. We’re going to the Venetian.”

Brian shook his head, turned back to his screen. The small twitch at the side of his mouth became a full-on smile. “It’s not the only hotel on the Strip, you know.”

David didn’t bother answering that bit of heresy because they both knew that it was the only hotel on the strip — for them. “Find a flight.”


Brian turned from the window and his view of blue sky and white clouds over rust coloured mountains. “We’re descending.” He plugged his phone into the outlet between the seats, opened a game he’d become addicted to. “You know, we haven’t been to the Venetian in a while. They might have renovated, redecorated.”

“No, they haven’t.” David heard the smug in his voice. There was no way Brian missed it.

“You called and asked, didn’t you?”


“Unbelievable. You actually asked if they still had —”

“Give me some credit. I wasn’t specific. I just said we were very happy with our room last time we were there and asked if the rooms were still the same.” David sighed his satisfaction. “I was assured that they were.”

“Happy with the room,” Brian grinned. “Yeah, that was it.”


A five hour flight, a ten minute taxi ride, more time than David wanted to spend standing in line at check-in and they were finally in the elevator. Brian hit the button for their floor and his eyes locked with David’s.

The door hushed closed behind them. They dropped their bags and took in the room. Same railing dividing the room in two, same set of steps leading to the lower sitting area. Same king size bed and yeah, same —

“Still here.” Brian was already unbuttoning his shirt.

“Yep.” David kicked his shoes off.

The ensuite washroom boasted a flat screen you could see from the shower, the bath was big enough for two, and the towels were luxurious. The bed linen had a high thread count, the pillows were exactly right and the view of the strip was amazing at night, but none of those things mattered all that much to Brian and David. They were faithful to the Venetian because of the bench.

It wasn’t anything fancy, not by Vegas standards. A simple, solid piece of furniture, it sat at the foot of the bed. Upholstered to coordinate with the room, most people probably never saw it as more than a place to dump their suitcases.

Like everything else in Vegas, the bench’s magic rested in a happy coincidence of numbers. The height of the bench, the depth of its cushion, the relation of bench to bed.Angles and proportions, they all worked together to describe a sensual geometry.

Coincidence and luck, the very elements that built this city. If the bench was a little narrower, Brian wouldn’t be able to kneel behind him. If it was a little higher, the mattress wouldn’t be at the perfect height to pillow David’s chest as he leaned over the bed.

They didn’t need a casino to get lucky in Vegas.

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Happy Holidays

In the cold winter dark,
Lights strung on roofs,
Candles lit in windows.

Snowflakes and snowmen,
Smiles shared,
Stories told.

Presents and parties,
Family and friends,
And food, and food, and food.

And laughter.

And love.

Hanukkah 2

Since, of course, I’m nowhere near ready for the chaos that is about to descend on me this will be my last post until 2018.

Happy Holidays!

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Trash or Treasure

I throw stuff out. If we’re not using it, it’s gone … I wish. Unfortunately, I share my house and my life with someone who likes to keep things. What if we need — insert article of your choice, anything from a noisy fan to an god-awful soup tureen — this someday?

If we needed it, it wouldn’t be hidden under five years of dust.

We’ve been negotiating this divide for decades now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Our place, yesterday:

“I’ve going to have these old family videos converted to digital files.”
Silence. Stare.
“You still have to keep the original tapes. For backup.”

Huh? The whole point is to get rid of these things!

I’m guessing that my brilliant idea to scan pictures from our pile of photo albums — which we almost never drag out of the basement — and toss the albums won’t be appreciated.

I spend a lot of time muttering about hoarders, but …

This morning, in a drawer that in my opinion needs to be organized, I found two green plastic bangles. Bracelets that a nineteen year old me had purposely left after a first date. Forty-two years ago and my husband still has them.

bangle 2

Maybe some things are worth keeping 🙂

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We Were Wrong

This past Tuesday, a crowded gallery in the House of Commons stood witness, as the Prime Minister apologized to the LGBTQ2 community for four decades of state-sponsored, systematic oppression and victimization.

It was all very emotional. Hugs, handshakes, and cheering in the House, but … does it matter? Will this admission of wrongdoing on behalf on the Canadian government change anything?

Does it matter?

Yes. It is a clear statement of where we stand as a nation today and a blueprint for tomorrow.

Will it change anything?

Will Trudeau’s speech stop the neighbours from staring when a same-sex couple kiss each other hello at their own front door? Will it save a transgender woman from being beaten as she steps off the bus on her way home from work? Will it stop all the crude jokes and cruel taunts on the school ground?

I don’t know.

Will it?

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