Castles in the Sand

Photo by Pixabay on

It’s been a while since I was happy to sit on a beach with a pail and shovel. These days, a walk along the shore with water lapping at my ankles is more my speed.

Truth to tell, I never made sand castles. I made piles. Lumps and bumps of wet sand, short on detail and long on imagination.

I was never, and will never be, the artist that Andoni Bastarrika is.

Using just his hands, a sharpened stick, and mounds of wet sand Andoni creates sculptures. Animals so realistic you expect them to leap off the beach.

Depending on the complexity of the sculpture, Andoni can spend two days creating each animal.

Who needs sand castles when you can find these along the beach?

You can find Andoni and his animals on Instagram.

All photos by Andoni Bastarrika.

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