Now that Canada has banned conversion therapy, we’re safe, right?

No more zealots claiming to “help.”


Thanks to Covid-19 and its many restrictions, online therapy has become an accepted forum. A helpful tool for many, but who are you talking to you?

A psychologist, psychiatrist? Someone with any kind of degree in counselling, or are sitting across from your laptop talking to a so-called life coach?

With no blanket ban on conversion therapy in the United States, American life coaches like Rich Wyler, are offering conversion therapy to Canadians.

Patrick Callaghan/CBC

Virtual conversion therapy is a potential grey area and a problem for the two-month-old Canadian law.

“It is challenging to hold someone liable for these kinds of criminal offences when they’re operating from outside the country using online mechanisms.” (Wayne Mackay, professor emeritus, Schulich School of Law)

As with all things online—

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