Censorship: A Time Honoured Tradition

The ancient Greeks appreciated the human body for the gift that it is. The body was both natural and holy, a concept that didn’t translate well to the Christian world in the dark times of the Middle Ages. A succession of Popes, starting with Pope Paul IV felt that while man was an expression of God’s creation, there was no need for that expression to be anatomically correct.

Welcome to a period of prolific art desecration, a centuries long brutal and clumsy attempt at censorship. Goodbye genitalia and hello fig leaves.

Still today, the line between art and pornography is a blurry, wavy thing dictated by taste and culture. While the ethics of depicting the phallus itself change with the tides of time, phallic images have managed to escape the scourge of the censor. They pop out everywhere, impulsive and indiscrete, and often amusing. Freud was particularly fond of them but that’s a whole other post.

With phallic images, it’s not so much what you see but what you think you see.

Phallic images, like the phallus they represent, come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours.

From traditional
penis tower

to whimsical

to accidental.                                                                                                    penis cloudThe patriot in me got a giggle out of this one. See the flag in the corner there … Oh, Canada!

Personally, I’ve always found that the space ship, Andromeda Ascendant from the television show Andromeda
bears more than a vague resemblance to parts unmentionable … or maybe that’s just me 🙂

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Google is an amazing tool, everything you will ever need right there at the click of a mouse. Also everything you don’t need, will never need, and shouldn’t be wasting your time with.

Case in point: There are only so many ways to describe the human body in motion. In motion in private. In motion in private behind closed doors. Body parts in particular are a bit of a toil. If you don’t want to get into ridiculous euphemisms, and I don’t, you find yourself writing the same words over and over… and how exciting is that?

My solution is Google and its lovely gateway to synonym heaven. Google rarely fails me, but she does lead me astray. I wish I could blame Google, but the fault is mine. When faced with the siren call of her lovely connected links, I have no self-control. I wander in her never ending forest and lose myself.

It’s shameful, but I have been known to wander Google’s paths for hours. Hours spent researching a detail that I may or may not end up using in my book. What can I say? I’m a weak, weak person.

Google’s rather like the universe’s largest department store, you go in looking for one thing and come out with something else. Sometimes that something else is pretty damn funny …

penis waving

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Be Careful What You Wish For


“Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it.” Punch lines revolve around this theme. Start with a Genie and end with a laugh.

I received a less than stellar review yesterday. I’m not arguing with the review. It was a fair expression of opinion which is what reviewing is all about. It wasn’t even all bad. It just wasn’t as glowing as I would have wished.

Which brings me brings me back to the above quote. It’s a depressing little platitude, isn’t it? Should we stop wishing, hoping, trying? Well, wouldn’t that be boring.

If I hadn’t asked for a review, I wouldn’t be wallowing in disappointment now. I also wouldn’t know what to fix in my next book. So, I’m going to drown my sorrows in something fattening and hopefully, write something better tomorrow 🙂

First Year Anniversary

A year? I’ve been doing this for a year?

I’m not particularly good at it. I don’t post all that often. But I’m learning things everyday from blog posts written by people who do know what they’re doing. I’m “meeting” people that make me laugh, and think, and laugh.

In celebration and thanks I’m attaching a painting that makes me smile, hoping it will make you smile too.



WordPress tells me that it’s been 23 days since my last post. So, here I am at 1:50 AM posting.

Why? Because, apparently, a website can make me feel guilty.

Because, apparently, I need one more thing in my life to feel guilty about. Because, apparently, the extra calories in the Caramel Sundae tonight, the run I didn’t take this morning, the time I spent playing computer games and the chapter I did not get around to finishing this week aren’t enough. Because, apparently, I am so needy that I need the approval of a non-sentient software program.

Enough! I am staging a one-woman revolt. I am throwing off the chains of blogging guilt. I will post if and when I feel like it!

(Above rant brought to you by a beleaguered Aimer Boyz)  🙂

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