Hearts and Trees

Trees are like kids or dogs, I like them a lot better at someone else’s house.

Or in the park.

The winding paths of our local park are gorgeous in the autumn, crisp, colourful leaves underfoot. Actually, there isn’t a season when trees don’t look great.

I’m not anti-trees all together, just the ones in my back and front yards. Massive old pine trees that kill the grass beneath them and blanket the yard with pine needles that someone, me, has to rake.

Don’t tell anyone, but I tried to get rid of them.

Nope. The city frowns on tree murder.

I’m stuck with them.

Turns out that might be a good thing. There are a ton of studies claiming that trees are heart friendly. The more trees in your neighbourhood, the less likely you are to have a heart attack. Heart disease, strokes, anxiety, and depression all decrease in areas with trees and green spaces.

Guess I’ll get out the rake 🙂

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