A Little Paint

Take a city crosswalk, add a little black paint, and what do you have?

Depends who you ask.

Halifax municipal officials call it vandalism. Doug Carleton, the artist who created a 3D crosswalk in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia calls it art.

For several weeks, in the early morning when no one was around, Doug added shadows to the white lines of a crosswalk, making it appear to levitate above the ground. For Doug, it was a safety issue. Not only did the 3D crosswalk appear to levitate two feet above the ground, it “popped” when someone walked across it, encouraging drivers to slow down.

Or it did, until the city washed the paint away.

Doug’s crosswalk didn’t survive long enough to gather any safety statistics. I don’t know if it would have had any effect on Dartmouth driving habits. I do know it looked freaking brilliant 🙂


Art or vandalism? You decide.

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